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handstandHow Trade Credit Works:

Flagstaff Sports Exchange is a Green, Sustainable, Customer Friendly business model. We recycle your high quality gently used outdoor gear and sporting goods and give you in-store trade credit. Bank as much trade credit as you like. It never expires. Spend it on 50% of the already low price of any store-owned item. For example, say I have a beautiful Gregory backpack that sold for $200 brand new. I’ve got it for $80. Say you have $100 of trade credit in your bank. You can buy the Gregory for $40 and $40 of trade credit, leaving $60 trade credit in your bank, and leaving $140 in your wallet. You got a $200 backpack for $40! How sweet is that?

How Consignment Works:

If you bring in something with a resale value of $100 or more, you have the option to consign it. We collaborate on setting a fair price, Flagstaff Sports Exchange sells it, you get a check for 60% of what it sold for. The checks are written the first week of every month for all the consigned items that sold the previous month. If your item sells June 1st or June 30th you’ll get paid the first week in July.

A Caveat:hiker

If you have trade credit and you want to buy a consigned item, you can use trade credit for up to 15% of the price of the item.

A great way to Play Green!

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Flagstaff Sports Exchange
19 W. Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 213-3404


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