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Elevate Flagstaff – Let’s Fix This Together

Today, a group of Flagstaff community members announced the formation of the Elevate Flagstaff committee. This committee filed “The Sustainable Wages Act” with City Hall to help protect Flagstaff small businesses from the sudden and drastic increase in wages with two minimum wage laws going into effect at the same time. The initiative will need over 4,400 valid signatures in order to be placed on the ballot for a May special election.

“The Sustainable Wages Act” would amend the Flagstaff City Code to require employers in Flagstaff to pay their employees at least the minimum hourly wage imposed by state law and eventually an additional fifty cents per hour. This means that, given current state laws, the minimum wage in Flagstaff would gradually and sustainably increase to $12.50 per hour by 2021. Provisions in the City Code concerning the treatment of employee tips, cost of living adjustments, prohibitions on employer retaliation, notice and record keeping requirements, penalties, and enforcement issues would be amended to make them substantially similar to parallel provisions in state law.

“The first step in sustainable wages is a sustainable business,” said Rand Jenkins. “We need to keep our small businesses alive, keep them strong, and allow them time to adjust to the state raise. The expected increased cost of childcare and the potential harm to fixed-income retirees, providers of care for developmentally-disabled individuals, and veterans are problems that we can not ignore. We are thankful to the members of the community who are working hard to provide a sustainable wage for the citizens of Flagstaff.”

How can you help us to pass the Sustainable Wages Act?

1. SIGNATURES: The Elevate Flagstaff Committee needs to obtain over 4.400 valid signatures from registered voters in the city by January 16th. We need you to help us with this effort by signing our petition, and/or distributing other petitions at businesses or gatherings for others to sign. Email info@elevateflagstaff.com if you are interested in helping this way.

2. DONATIONS: We will be fundraising for the campaign ahead. Every dollar helps towards our efforts. Please visit our website at www.elevateflagstaff.com to make a donation.

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