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The Forest is OPEN

Summer is finally back to normal here in Flagstaff! The monsoons are in full effect and the Coconino National Forest is fully open! There is no better time to get geared up and hit the woods! We have a huge selection of backpacks, sleeping bags, shelters, and other camping essentials. The outdoors is great place when your prepared for it and have quality gear. But, Gear can be costly if your purchase it new. At The Flagstaff Sports Exchange nearly every item is less than half the price that it was when it was new. We make getting into the outdoors easy for you and your wallet. Our shop is even cheaper when you use trade credit! We give trade credit for virtually anything! Don’t let summer pass you by, come get what you need and get outdoors! You cant beat summer in Northern Arizona! Check out a few shots from around AZ this summer.


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