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rock-climberOur inventory is constantly changing, so you really have to come on down to the store to see all the great sporting equipment we have available this week.

We are chock full of Camping Gear, Fitness Equipment, Hiking and Backpacking Gear, Bikes and Bike Parts, Rock Climbing Tools, Watersports and River Gear, Team Sports Equipment (for Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, …), Winter Gear and Coats, and a wide variety of Outdoor Sports Clothing.

You never know what we’ll have, so each trip to our store is an adventure!

Here are some of our latest Purchases and Consignments.

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For more items we have in stock, check out our Craigslist page by clicking here.

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Flagstaff Sports Exchange
19 W. Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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Beaver Street is OPEN and we have FREE PARKING!

Finally back to the way downtown used to be! Getting to the shop is super easy again. Walk in or take advantage of our free parking while you shop. We’ll save you money before you even step in, and even more when you shop here! Despite the local forest closures, Flagstaff and the surrounding area… Continue >>>

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